“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde

A graduate of the Textiles department of the University of Southern Queensland, Lorraine works in a variety of traditional fine art media and textile media with an emphasis on wearable works. Her interest in social sciences, history and geography combined with art, manifest in her work through the exploration of traditional handicrafts and textiles, such as weaving, knitting and surface decoration. With a particular interest in the cultural history of female handicrafts and costuming, her work focuses on the corsetry and heirloom knitted lace.

Lorraine draws inspiration from William Morris, the Arts & Crafts Movement, Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau and Australian artists Fiona Hall and Bronwyn Oliver.

Currently working as a Framing consultant and Gallery Curator for a small commercial gallery/Picture Framer, Lorraine is passionate about the preservation of textile crafts and history and the Arts Industry. An avid knitter, weaver and seamstress, she also collects international examples of textiles and historical tools, such as antique thimbles and singer sewing machines.

Focussing on the corset since 1999, Lorraine has explored its history as it uniquely applied to the Australian continent and pioneer women, through to examining period pieces of the Victorian era at the V&A Museum in London.

In 2010, Lorraine mounted an exhibition at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery with Melanie Beckman entitled “Trapped by Design”. This exhibition sought to explore the characters in Victorian and Edwardian literature through written response, landscape oil paintings and corsetry and was inspired by a research trip to the V&A museum in 2009. Each corset within the exhibition explored the main female character within a particular text, while its accompanying painting explored the artist’s conception of landscapes described in the text. Written responses by Melanie examined issues raised by the texts within a modern context.

Lorraine continues to explore corsetry, through the establishment of “Whitelane” and participation in various exhibitions and events within the Darling Downs region.
Recently, Lorraine participated in the inaugural 2011 “Creative Tanks” project with made.creativespace, whereby she constructed a corset and it’s embellishments in live demonstrations over the course of two weekend in Grand Central, Toowoomba’s largest shopping centre. Photographs and details from this project can be found on Lorraine’s blog and made.creativespace’s Facebook page.

Being a former high school teacher, Lorraine is also committed to further education, of others and herself. Regularly participating in art workshops, short courses at TAFE and private research, Lorraine continues to expand her skills base and hopes to share her knowledge through workshops in the future. Recent explorations/research include machine knitting, Kanzashi and graphic design basics in Illustrator. She also has ambitions to obtain her Masters in Weaving through the Canadian Weavers Guild in the next few years