Manikin Cover

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Giselle my white manikin is a skinny little thing, with absolutely no squishiness. This may make her the perfect display piece, but as far as using her as a analogue for a real human when drafting a small pattern, she’s … Continued

Yubinuki – new obsession

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New obsession found! Japanese embroidered thimbles or yubinuki A bias binding lining with Mylar core, wrapped in silk floss and embroidered with silk thread, these are deceptively simple and quite beautiful. Instructions were found at ma mecerie

Culture to couture – elliptical skirt

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The elliptical skirt draft did not work as effectively as I had hope it would (sigh). Had I more time and a larger budget, I believe it could work as a concept. Never mind, I’ll make the skirt a large … Continued

Culture to couture – concept

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Working diligently on my concept for the project since the initial meeting, I have settled on a final concept. Using the 1860 costume project and victorian styling as a basis, I’ve decided upon a fitted jacket and full skirt combination. … Continued

Culture to Couture

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Busy preparing my entry for the Culture to Couture project (see mind map at end of post) Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2013 – Culture to Couture project From concept and creation through completion to catwalk, be inspired by “Culture” to … Continued

1939 Rug Version

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It’s so cold in Toowoomba, in my little timber house. With such high ceilings, it’s hard to keep warm… Solution, make something. I’ve been working on a lace project using the Margaret Stove 1939 christening shawl pattern since last year, … Continued

1860 Bonnet finished

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All done! In just over a week too. I am rather pleased with the outcome of this project, so much so that I am considering making another. Analysis of the project Buckram – I used a medium weight buckram for … Continued


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Having spent the last four days creating a ribbon trim for the outer edge of the bonnet, I am a little sick of ironing and pressing satin ribbon. I used a tutorial from  to create the purple ribbon trim. … Continued

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